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Every parent at some point has said "my toddler has so much energy" or "my child climbs and jumps on everything"! Channeling that energy in gymnastics class is the best thing to do! Not only will it give him or her the opportunity to bounce, climb, swing, jump - it also gives them the chance to learn about sharing, trying new things, succeeding, failing, and trying ...

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Elf on the Shelf Calendar

We all love doing Elf on the Shelf antics for our Little Explorers, but coming up with new and fun ideas can be hard.  We put together a calendar that will help you come up with great ideas for each day of December!  Hope you like it!

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This is a little story for those of you who have or will face the stressful time of introducing a new baby into the household of an only child.  Hopefully this story will help make the transition a little easier for the older sibling!    Buddy Anderson had been excited for months about the birth of his little brother.  “Mama is it time ...

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